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About Company

Forsikom Logistik, LLC has asserted itself as a professional operator of freight forwarding activity rather recently, but the leading specialists of our company have over 10 years of experience, that is enough to learn all the intricacies of the market of freight forwarding services.

We are convinced that:

Complex of services of Forsikom Logistik, LLC TE include:

Road cargo transportation to/from the countries of Europe and Scandinavia of:

Sea transportation through the ports of Klaipeda and Riga.

Our professional team

Ina Pauliukevich

Freight Forwarder
Skype: forsikom.ina
e-mail: ina@forsikom.com
+375152 771999
+375445 955103 mobile

Liudmila Protas

Freight Forwarder
Skype: forsikom. logistik
e-mail: logistik@forsikom.com
+375152 740689
+375445 958230 mobile

Katerina Liutsikava

Freight Forwarder
Skype: forsikom. market.com
e-mail: market@forsikom.com
+375152 771999
+375445 958230 mobile

Olga Zheleznova

Freight Forwarder
Skype: forsikom. ex
e-mail: ex@forsikom.com
+375152 740689
+375445 955102 mobile

Aksinya Dzhioeva

Head of sales department

Skype: forsikom.tranzit
e-mail: tranzit@forsikom.com
+375152 771444
+375445 958233 mobile

Oksana Frantskevich

Skype: forsikom. oksana
e-mail: oksana@forsikom.com
+375293 665028 mobile

Anna Marhaluk

Freight Forwarder

Skype: forsikom.anna
e-mail: anna.marhaluk@forsikom.com
+375 152 771444
+375 44 5955107 mobile

Ekaterina Khoha

Sales manager
Skype: forsikom.expo
e-mail: expo@forsikom.com
+375 152 770835
+375 29 1317938 mobile

Anna Autko

Skype: forsikom.economist
e-mail: economist@forsikom.com
+375 152 773766

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